Lanercost Priory
There is normally a service at the Priory at 11:00 am every Sunday and Holy Communion is celebrated most Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Please join us for a service if you can - whatever your denomination. Sunday morning services are often followed by coffee.

The Sunday services at Lanercost normally follow the following pattern each month:

1st SundayMorning Worship
2nd SundayHoly Communion
3rd SundayMorning Worship
4th SundayHoly Communion
5th SundayFour times a year we hold a joint benefice service, rotating through the four churches in the benefice.
Forthcoming services
June 2018
20thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
24thTrinity 4
Lanercost11:00 amHoly Communion
27thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
July 2018
1stTrinity 5
Lanercost11:00 amHoly Communion with the Revd Anton Muller
4thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
8thTrinity 6
Lanercost11:00 amMorning Worship, United benefice Service, Preacher: Revd edward Johnsen, Rural Dean
11thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
15thTrinity 7
Lanercost11:00 amHoly Communion
18thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
22ndMary Magdalene
Lanercost11:00 amMorning Worship
25thLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
29thTrinity 9
Walton11:00 amHoly Communion - United Benefice Service
August 2018
1stLanercost10:00 amHoly Communion
5thTrinity 10
Lanercost11:00 amHoly Communion