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Feedback and Advisory Group

The group has now met six times and its members have had a number of other meetings with, amongst others, ecumenical clergy and ministers around the County (as previously reported), the Bishop's Council, the Bishop's Senior Staff, the Lay Deanery Chairs and Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committees.

We have produced an initial report on what we have been doing, giving some initial feedback and reporting on some common concerns that have been raised - together with our responses to them.

We have produced a leaflet for distribution to parishes.

We have recently been planning what else we need to be doing in the run-up to the meetings of our representative bodies in a few months time. During that period we will be:

  • Pro-actively seeking feedback from around the county on how the shaping process is progressing and the anticipated outcomes.
  • Undertaking a risk analysis of the potential problems that might arise in the case that the decision is made to go ahead with the process of forming Mission Communities across the county.
  • Collating the feedback we will have received.
  • Working with the senior staff in our denominations to finalise, in the light of feedback, the form of the ministry strategy to be put to our representative bodies in the autumn, together with supporting documentation.
  • Producing a final report on the process for presentation to our representative bodies and senior staff.
  • Putting forward recommendations as to what might need doing in the case that the denominations decide to proceed with the strategy.

Previously we reported ...

The group has now been set up and has had its first meeting (you can see who is part of the group here.

  • This web-site has been set up to allow us to let everyone know what progress is being made, what issues, concerns, suggestions and questions are being raised and our responses to them. [Where necessary we will refer issues through to the senior leadership teams for resolution.]
  • We have captured, or are in the process of capturing, details of our existing structures, and relevant statistics.
  • We have captured details of the issues, comments, etc. that have been raised to-date
  • We have set up an email address to which issues may be sent (see contact us) and details have been sent to our main contacts across the County.

Ecumenical clergy/ministers' days

A series of four meetings have been held around the County to bring together Church Leaders to talk about their hopes, questions, suggestions and concerns about the strategies for Outreach, Ministry and Buildings, and particularly about the development of Mission Communities.

One important part of each meeting centred on 'journey' as a metaphor and asked groups to consider:

  1. 'Bog / Slough of Despond' - is anything making you feel stuck or bogged down yourself in relation to all this?
  2. 'Mountain' - what are the excitements, hopes and the 'far view' you look forward to?
  3. 'Forks in road' - what are the questions you have, and the decisions that need to be made?
  4. 'Road-blocks' - what are the blocakges and issues that are preventing or might prevent us from going forward?
  5. 'Stepping-stones over a river' - what are your suggestions - the things we can do, one step at a time?

There were members of the Feedback and Advisory Group present at each of the four meetings to listen to the feedback from the clergy and ministers present. A full record of the proceedings will be available, but we have attempted to summarise the key points that were coming from those meetings.

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