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The Ministry Strategy Feedback and Advisory Group (MSFAG) has now completed its work. Our responses to the issues that have been raised may be found on the issues pages.. Our final report may be found here. The report was presented to and approved by the Bishop's Council and then presemted to the Carlisle Diocesan Synod on Saturday 11th October. In the light of the feedback to MSFAG a revised document A Strategy for Ministry in Cumbria together with a supporting explanatory document had been drawn up. The revised strategy was adopted by the Synod with a very substantial majority. The revised strategy will also be presented to Synod meetings for the Cumbria Methodist Circuit and the North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church.


The Synod meetings for the Cumbria Methodist District, the Carlisle Diocese of the Church of England and the North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church agreed in the autumn of 2013 to explore the recommendations contained within the Ministry Strategy. The Ministry Strategy emerged from a number of initiatives including the Diocese of Carlisle’s Growing Disciples and the ecumenical Declaration of Intent that committed Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed churches across Cumbria ‘work together to equip both lay and ordained ministry whenever possible, and to share that ministry wherever appropriate’.

The three Synods asked that further work be done to explore the local implications of the strategy, including the shape of possible Mission Communities. Synod also asked that a group be set up to help consider the feedback received as part of that exercise. This web site is used by that group, the ministry strategy feedback and advisory group, to tell you about the work of the group, how you can participate and to give feedback on the issues that are arising during the process and the response to them. A key point to make is that the group exists to receive feedback and to respond to the issues that are raised, we are not here to simply push through the strategy.

Our full terms of reference are attached, but in essence our role is to:

  • identify and resolve issues and questions, especially issues raised locally
  • provide the associated solutions and answers in a simple on-line format
  • help communications between the different groups involved in the process
  • collect information on progress
  • provide advice and recommendations to the Bishop's Council and Diocesan Synod

We very much see our role as helping your Mission Community Shaping Group work more effectively by listening and responding to your Group's concerns, questions and issues.


Documents detailing the Ministry Strategy may be found on the Strategy page.

  1. The terms of reference for the feedback and advisory group may be found here.
  2. The guide that has been sent out to the deaneries to help them in planning possible mission communities may be found here.
  3. A summary of the issues that were raised in the run up to last October's Diocesan Synod meeting may be found here.
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